Interactive DVD Player Remote Control
Indonesia, 2010

Why you want to control me? The question appears as an opening to a work by Henry Foundation, Control. Everything is about control. Who is being controlled? Are the viewers controlling the television, or vice versa?

Ever since television is established in Indonesia, remote control has been a requirement. It brought up a new chapter in the power of the viewers towards television broadcasting. How the viewers can choose the program they want to watch. Remote control technology is still a requirement until now, along with the growth of TV station channels and wireless TV network. At the same time, this controlling technology is faced with a new controlling culture of censorship and touch screen.

Henry tries to play the controlling logic of remote control technology into his work. Here, the remote control is not being used conventionally as a controlling device of television broadcasting. Henry turns the viewer into “the command.” Human subject has become a part of television system to run the program; Simple Things and Non-Sense Things. Human inside the television; becomes the reflection of the viewer’s behavior.

Control is firstly presented at Decompression #10 event at Galeri Nasional Indonesia on 2010.

Henry Foundation

Finished his education at Graphic Art Departement in Visual Art Faculty, Jakarta Institute of Art in 2000. A visual artist specialising in graphic designing, art video, performance and interactive art, he also participated in several collaborative art projects with ruangrupa and Jakarta Wasted Artists (JWA). In 2003 he formed The Jadugar with Anggun Priambodo where they produced some music videos. His sideline projects include an electronic pop set Goodnight Electric and an experimental album together with Frigi Frigi. Now, Jakarta-based Henry now lives as visual artist, musician, and a DJ.