6 min 30 sec
Single Channel Video
the Netherlands, 2014

Crowds features three-panel video display that has the intensity of visual motion in rhythm with the music. Visual language and a very literal voice—the crowd—make  us avoid other interpretations than what we see and hear of this work.

Starting from the domination of the rave music in the early minutes, the piercing and rumbling sound of the crowd gradually became one of the musical instruments. The intensity of image and sound transformation goes faster and take us to a patterned “chaos” situation. The essence of mass mentality, anger, and ecstasy contained in this work tries to give a different experience in watching.

Crowds can also be translated as a reflection of the people’s resentment towards the war and the economic crisis today.

The film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 is a collaborative work of Geert Mul and Michel Banabila. On last April, this film was presented in a multimedia show at the Global Week For Syria in Beirut, Lebanon.

Geert Mul

Media artist Geert Mul has been exploring for almost
20 years the possibilities of generating visual poetry by
re-combining images from collections and databases
in video’s, photographs, installations and audio-visual
performances. In 2010 Geert Mul received the Dutch
Witteveen+Bos Art & Technology Award for his oeuvre.
Michel Banabila has produced musical scores for
numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre play
and more. Banabila uses found objects, electronica,
field recordings, and shortwave/ tv/ film recordings.
his work Voiz Noiz (2000) received international critical
acclaim. Banabila has collaborated with Olga Mink and
photographer Gerco de Ruijter