Dunia Dalam Televisi

Dunia Dalam Televisi

Dunia Dalam Televisi

Computer and glasses installation
Indonesia, 2015

This video installation is equipped with glasses for the audience. Through the lenses, we can see what’s behind the white screen on television. The installation encourages interaction between audiences and will give different experience in watching television.

The installation contains violence and aggressive footages obtained from the Internet with Wiji Tukul(1) reading poems on the background. For Dio who grew up after the 1998 Reformasi, he learned a lot about the shifting of media ownership from the government hand to conglomerates during the New Order period. One thing in common: they both are still positioning audience as passive recipients of information. Under the New Order regime, the reality was overshadowed by programs that showcase massive development but today we’re facing reality covered by fantasy.

Violence, heroism and sad stories are seen as commodities that can bring profit to the industry. Information broadsted right into our living room in Indonesia will slowly shape pseudo-reality which is against the actual reality.

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1. The audio was taken from recording footages by Dyah Sujirah (Sipon) which became part of a movie Batas Panggung, produced by Offstream and Kontras.

Born under the name Dio Prakasa lives
and works in Jakarta. He graduated in 2012 from
Communication Design Departement at Trisakti
University. He participated in a photography program,
Kelas Pagi batch V (2011-2012). He is now a graphic
designer. He spends his spare time to take photos