15 min
Indonesia, 2015

Sunday, 14 June 2015
19.30 at Galeri Nasional Indonesia

In every era, a leader always has hymns especially written for him. Songs that worships the leader’s services for his country sang by a singer/songstress, a musical group, or a choir. Hymns and/or songs is one of the most popular propaganda used by a regime. A certain regime could even give birth to certain singers and musicians who could be identified with its reign of power.

“Cut and Rescue” tries to respond the scope by representing a choir who sings hymns for the Father. The performance act was designed to be more interactive. “Cut and Rescue” printed a pocket book to be distributed to the audience, in the hope that they could join and sing along.

“Cut and Rescue” presents something that was once popular in a certain era, and not only a mere romanticism of the glory of a passed time. This work will instead play in the most current situation; where memories about them remain very vivid here. But how will “Cut and Rescue” choir differ from the previous who was popular and consumed daily during the New Order rule? ‘Minor tunes’ will be presented between rhythmic compositions.

Cut and Rescue

is a group of young artists from
Jakarta – Jah Ipul, Gooodit, ACIP Das, Mario, and Acan.
They produce multimedia art works that stretches from
installation, photography, video, comic, mix tapes to
lots of appropriations art. In 2013 they participated in
Pelicin Exhibition at Gelari Salihara as part of Jakarta
Biannale XV-SIASAT. In 2014 they held solo exhibition
Kesedihan curated by Iswanto Hartono. As individuals,
each of its members also participates in various
exhibitions, both in national and international level.