Mati Angin

Mati Angin

Mati Angin

Single channel video

Ari Satria Darma has been constantly using elaboration technique of photo and animation since 2001. Ari is highly experienced when it comes to playing around with his animation technique to making his photo subjects look ‘alive’. His achievement can be seen in his latest work Mati Angin (Stagnation) (2015).

Mati angin is a metaphor used to describe a powerless situation… trapped and feeling uncertain. It’s like an endless development that has become everyday’s life. The city’s slow growth on infrastrcture growing infrastructure developed into situation that is taken for granted.

Now it feels like we were led to believe that the rise of new cities and industrial parks in the suburban areas are merely reasons to support the transportation infrastructure (highway, toll roads). Development is believed to be the perfect tool to push for economic growth.

“Heavy machineries are available in various Jakarta’s main streets. They just stood there, exposing themselves to the sun along the streets. Corrupted officials are making machineries idle while waiting for the machineries to be used. They are not seen as solution but more like additional problems. Unplanned urban planning is the biggest contributor that causes problem, heavy machineries is just watching from the side. spectacles.” – Ari Satria Darma.

Ari Satria Darma

Ari is extremely experienced with
animation techniques to bring subjects in photos to
life. He continues to expand his talents following his
outstanding works like Iqra (2005), The Casting (2014),
Pak Kancil, Bangun Pak! (2014) to Mati Angin (2015). In
2002, he participated in a video workshop MuVi with
Oliver Husein and produced an impressive work titled
Burn from a band called Brisik. His animation work in
collaboration with vs Stampbox Halte was featured
at OK. Video, (2003). In 2006, he held his first solo
exhibition at ruangrupa. His work, Iqra, was chosen as
the winner at ASEAN New Media Art 2007. In 2014, he
produced animation part for a film production Rocket
Rain directed by Anggun Priambodo.