Tagline for Artistic Society

Tagline for Artistic Society

Tagline for Artistic Society

Single channel video projection, Panel Construction
Variable Dimension

14×9 cm, 50 pages

100 Editions, printed in Tainan by Howl Space.

In collaboration with Budi Mulia, a scientist in the field of social welfare development—Sari collected four social science students and give them an assignment. As aspiring academics in the field of public welfare, they surely have their own observations about surrounding lives. This assignment became an opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained. In this project, Sari ask the four social science students to create a tagline. A tagline about an utopian society, where all people are artists. And to imagine, what kind of society will it be?

She has always been interested in the thoughts/energy possessed by the others and hope to transform it to become hers too, also pass it on to the others through the various method of documentation. As we knows, our parents, teachers, best friends and even strangers used to summarize their advice to us into a short sentence/ quotes /tagline/ suggestion which actually has deep meaning. So in this project, the students have same task as them. The next question is, from the invasion of the existing production of meaning today, which is the most important to be activated by you in your daily life?

The video presented in this exhibition is the documentation of the project.


Book description:

Some notes and conversations between Julia Sarisetiati and Reinaart Vanhoe on TAGLINE FOR ARTISTIC SOCIETY: A video made by Julia Sarisetiati.

Jakarta-Rotterdam, 2015.

Reinaart and Sari note some of the statements that they consider important from a conversation produced by the participants involved in the project undertaken by Sari in 2013, a project where Sari invited four young social science students to respond to an assignment commissioned by her.

The project itself can never be a finished product. After the project is completed, we prefer to collect valuable residues that could be saved from the project, then try to look at new possibilities in reproducing and distributing these residues in other form or media. Finding or formulating questions and challenging questions together, sharing insights from each one’s own background and own knowledge to go on again.

Julia Sarisetiati
Since 2008 to 2011, she was the manager for ruangrupa. Then she joined the artistic committee of RURU Corps, a visual communication agency initiated by ruangrupa, Serrum, and Forum Lenteng. A freelance photographer and producer of arts in photography and video, she often expands her artistic practices based on research and multi-disciplinary collaborations. In 2013, her work Tagline for Artistic Society was shown at Jakarta Biennale XV-SIASAT. She also curates MUSLIHAT OK. Video – 6th Jakarta International Video Festival 2013.