Indonesia, 2015

Coming up from the interest of Indonesia modern musics, Irama Nusantara group founded in 2013. For Irama Nusantara, music is one of important thing for the sake of exploring the journey of a country. They were be in action collecting numerous medium where that musics recorded, such as vinyl, cassette and compact disc.

In 2014, this group got the opportunity to escalate their guerrilla tracking the trail of Indonesia modern music. Finally, they could collect hundreds of Indonesia releases modern music of 50s to 80s and share them through a website www.iramanusantara.org for free.

This Untitled mixtape work tries to gather scrap of memory which contained in their database. According to Irama Nusantara, music (vinyl and radio) was very idenctic with the propaganda of  Orde Lama, meanwhile audiovisual (television and film) used for Orde Baru’s propaganda.

In this work, Irama Nusantara tries to trout out how voice at the beginning of Orde Baru existence. Culture shock, imitation and new value socialization. Starting from Koes Brother cursed against Orde Lama regime, Mars Repelita, Ayomam Pohon Beringin to milk advertisement. This work tries to reflect the spirit of freedom which appeared at the first period of reign Orde Baru. (1968-1973).

Irama Nusantara

An archiving initiative that also preserves and creates database of Indonesian music from the era of 50s to 80s. It distributes its discoveries with online database www.iramanusantara.org. They do this on the basis of awereness that modern music is shaping national identity. Resembling a group of archeologist, they hunt vinyls published some 50 years ago and regularly participated in music performances where a disc jockey performs vynil mixtapes from 50s to 80s.