The Vox Populi Workshop

The Vox Populi Workshop

The Vox Populi Workshop

In order to respond to the practice of television broadcasting in Indonesia that it is still has a lot of shortcomings, ruangrupa organised “Suara Rakyat” (Vox Populi), a workshop-project by inviting professionals from various backgrounds as speaker and mentor, and some multidisciplines participants as well. This workshop has taken place at ruangrupa on 5.6, 17, and 18 July 2014.

The Vox Populi program was trying to review and and assess all existing polemics on the television broadcasting industry in Indonesia. Some of the problems that have been arising are ranging from abuse of power by the media owners, to electronic media that do not represent the nature of ‘the frequency of public property’.

Of the many existing media, we decided to focus on the medium of television alone. This medium is considered to have the highest complexity and polemics among other mass media. Speaking from the broadcasting side, television is using the frequency of public property. So in practice, television is susceptible to neglect and abuse of power. In addition, television is also considered given the greater impact to public comparing to other media.

Departing from the current existing polemic, this workshop is designed to criticise the media practice and any of the abuses they have been doing and help raising awareness of the problem.


The Switched Sinetron

Photographs by Arum Tresnaningtyas

ABG tuhan-mengapa-aku

This work is a reenactment posters publication of sinetron (Indonesian soap opera) on television. Through this work, I tried to parodies and give an overview presentation of the sinetron by myself (self-portrait) in a publicity poster. I imagined myself as the producer. The process of selecting the theme of the story, title, soap star, to create a publication. I also made a poster by mimicking the layout, fonts, background which is often used, writing and pose insignificant appendage of the soap opera star who like stylish majority of people are welcome guests.

manis-manja terbuai  belahanjiwa

In addition to the process of shooting the chase running, it turns out they make promotional posters were similar but not identical. Stay revamped titles and players. Just a glimpse posters, we might be able to guess the story and plot. Due to chase running, shooting was perfunctory based on existing templates. Involved soap star is the face that was certainly familiar face in the eyes of the viewer. The characters that appear to be sure there are the good and the evil, or the poor and the rich. The production company is also working on the soap opera was the only source alone. No wonder if the quality is no change.

That is the portrait of our sinetron. For some people it turns out the soap opera is still in great demand and awaited his presence on screen. Ironic, and at the same time also sad.

Arum Tresnaningtyas is a photojournalist. Formerly working full time for Kompas, but now working freelance for many prestigious local and international media. On her spare time, she plays ukulele with her band-mate in Tetangga Pak Gesang.


Family Information Package – Pak Kadus Maman

Video by Ismal Muntaha

In respond to one of the important issues discussed during the workshop; Community Broadcasting Agency (LPK), which happens in Jatiwangi also JAF TV. So I was interested in making Family Information Pack as an effort to strengthen community information. Due to the centralization of information on national media, us at the rural area feel the biggest impact. We know Ahmad Dhani’s son birthday rather than hearing the news that our neighbours are having a gathering. The goal of this family information package could warm up the relationship between the family, at least in our village.

Ismal Muntaha is Director of Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF), nonprofit organization that focuses on discourses of local rural life through arts and cultural activities such as festivals, performances, visual art, music, video, ceramics, exhibitions, artist in residencies, monthly discussion, radio broadcast and education. JaF was founded on September 27, 2005. Since the year 2008 JaF in cooperation with the Jatisura Village Government do research using a collaborative engagement of contemporary art that connecting each other. JaF has a bi-annual Residency Festival, Video Residency Festival and Ceramic Music Festival that invites artists from various disciplines and countries to live, interact, cooperate with the villagers, to feel life in Jatiwangi rural society, formulate and create something that presented to everyone.



Comic by Reza Mustar

  Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.14.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.14.55 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.15.59 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.16.55 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.17.11 AM

I made this comic to raised specific issues, namely the frequency of public property. I uploaded works massively in social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Path, Tumblr, and Facebook.  I tried to tell the public about their rights through the medium of comics and cartoons.

Mohammad Reza Mustar a.k.a. Azer, the father of two daughters, was born in Jakarta. He finished college at Jakarta Art Institute. He started drawing at the age of 4 years using his grandfather’s room wall as a canvas. In 2004, he created comic with ruangrupa to respond some empty spaces in the TransJakarta bus shelter. He actively draws comic strip under the signature name komikazer. Most of his works depict everyday life with satire. He also works freelance as Graphic Designer and Illustrator.


Meteor Crashed Caused by Jokowi

Video by The Youngrrr

Responding the centralise of information on television, we decided to make hoax prank of Television. We changed the meaning of the news on TV by changing voice over and news text and spread it on social media. The news content will be converted into interesting shapes, such as “twist” from the presidential election to celebrity news. We chose prank not hoax because we want people who are watching this video will refuse to believe what they saw. We see this to be some sort of trigger early to damage the image of the TV news information in the public eye.

The Youngrrr is a video maker collaboration project of Yovista Ahtajida and Dyantini Adeline. They both studied at University of Indonesia, Communication major. They are known as stage videographer among the scene. They have built a videozine named Rec A Gogo. The Youngrrr also has made several video art, one of them entitled Macam-macam Pekerjaan Macam-macam, has been screened in Jakarta 32c 2012. It was produced after they took video workshop with Anggun Priambodo.


Irwan Ahmett

Irwan Ahmett is an artist and designer who interested in social issues and behaviour changes. He chooses art as a medium of expression because he believes that the universal values contained inside are able to penetrate the boundaries of culture, language, and areas of personal collective that are often too conservative and routine. He always wants to build the bridge step by step and look for new territories that need to be explored by the creativity, because art plays a role in the formulation of sciences so that the applications are able to offer unimaginable ideas to civilisation before.

Merlyna Lim

Merlyna Lim is a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Digital Media and Global Network Society. Prior to joining the Carleton University community, she held research and teaching positions at Princeton University, Arizona State University, the University of Southern California, KITLV (the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies), and the East West Center. Lim’s research and teaching interests revolve around political and cultural implications of media and technology, in relations to globalization, democratization, and social change. Lim’s past and current research projects are predominantly conducted in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Roy Thaniago

Roy was born in Jakarta, 1986. He complete his formal education in the Department of Music, University of Pelita Harapan, and Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Surakarta but not finished. He  worked in the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN) in the Division of Culture for some time, and as as an editor at and a man magazine Bung!. Now he works as Director of Remotivi, freelance writer, and music teacher. In Petojo, Central Jakarta, he lived with Plato, a Pug.

Ryan Popo

Ryan Riyadi or best known as “Popo” is a Jakarta-based street artist. His works adorn many walls in various public spaces in Jakarta which mostly contain social criticism. His works are iconic. He draws white man-like figure which he called Popo, posing as a main subject on his every works.

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